Hot and Bothered
Your friskiest summer ever
Chatelaine, August 2006

Summer sex. The two words go together like gin and tonic. There's something Dionysian about warm weather: the intoxicating sunshine, flowers in bloom. And we men are a little like weeds – summer after summer, we come to life when the weather warms up. You may be worried about the fact that you didn't lose those last 10 pounds before summer started, but trust me: we're so blinded by our hormones that we don't notice. As the days grow longer, the libido grows stronger – probably due to an increase in dopamine and all the pheromones firing off as we sweat – but really, who cares why. Here's what drives us wild about you – and how you can guarantee a hot summer for you and your partner.

Feast of flesh
When I asked my male friends what turns them on most this time of year, they harmonized like the chorus of a Beach Boys song with two words: exposed flesh. In the winter, you get into your clothes as quickly as possible after a warm shower. Come summer, we look forward to the morning routine, hoping to see you linger in your towel before slipping into a sundress. Get up a little earlier than usual and try it – you'll thank yourself. This image lasts in our heads all day, so you're sure to get a warm welcome when you get home.

Get physical
You might think you're sweaty and gross when you play sports, but trust me, you're giving off a come-hither scent that gets our adrenalin pumping faster than a tennis serve. Sweat isn't the only thing sexy about sports, either. We love to watch you get a little competitive. Challenge us to a game of tennis, join a volleyball league or just toss the frisbee around. Sports are hot. As Pierre Berton once said, "A Canadian is someone who knows how to have sex in a canoe," – just try not to think of him when you're doing it.

Get touchy-feely
One whiff of coconut-tinged sun block and I'm excited. I know we should be applying sun block year-round, but most of us wait for the hot sun before putting on sunscreen – besides, it's so much more fun when bathing suits are involved. If your man tells you it looks like you need more sunscreen, he probably isn't really concerned about your burn – he just wants to put his hands all over you. Let him. Rubbing lotion onto your back, under your bikini strap, up your thighs and across your chest is like a sex act in waiting.

The great outdoors
Winter is great for getting between the sheets, but come summer it's time for outdoor, in-the-moment sex. There's a reason skinny-dipping is an old standard, whether in a backyard pool or a lake. Sliding our hands over your wet skin and kissing in the moonlight is a sensation you simply can't replicate indoors. Plus, you might get caught, which is why it's so exciting time after time. A word of warning: if you have intercourse in the water, keep thrusting to a minimum to avoid any water getting inside you, which can cause injury. Keep it slow, as if you're frolicking in a canoe.

If skinny-dipping is an old standard, then a romp in the woods is primeval. There's something wild and primitive about falling down and making out or having a quickie in the flora and fauna. Take a day trip and go for a rigorous hike and you're both ready for a break, take a rest, give each other a massage and see where it goes.

If you're feeling especially frisky, take advantage of the warm nights and copulate somewhere that would be impossible during the day: on a park bench, in a side alleyway, or, as one adventurous friend of mine did, in a stranger's backyard. Sure, it's illegal, but then so is jaywalking.

–Jay Somerset (